What is your favourite class and why?

Be Mine Beginner
Oct 12, 2012
Ahoy pirates i'm wondering what is your favourite class e.g bucaneer

Cute Stuff Commoner
Feb 13, 2013
Witchdoctor.Don't think I have a reason I love it I just do.Guess because I find the other classes annoying sometimes

Be Mine Beginner
Feb 02, 2010
I'd have to say..
I have 2 that are tied
First is swashbuckler (prolly the most common type of class) but i like it cause its kind of the more epic style of play which i like and there attacks do a lot of damage, they have decent health and some more things i forget

Second one is privateer because there awesome with there heals,never die, and just kind of awesome (cause i am a health person and they have a ton of health :P

Be Mine Beginner
Sep 02, 2012
Witchdoctor is awesome its like balance wizard from wizard101