what is your favorite?

Jul 03, 2012
Hi everybody I wanted to ask a quick question about classes. Out of these two classes which is your favorite. I know some people like the other ones but what I've seen I think these are the most popular. Ok buccaneer or swashbuckler you choose. I personally like the buccaneer better because a could just take a beating and still destroy my enemies. The reason I'm asking this is because some missions are easier with the and some are easier with the so I was going to see what you dudes and dudets think.

crazyLukefluke signing off.

two-facedlukefluke signing off.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Well I have 6 pirates going, each class and two favorite class - The Swashbuckler. By far my favorite class and the best for most ( not all ) situations. I soloed all dungeons from Skull Island all the way through to the hydra in Aquila before I broke down and asked a friend for help.

Esperanza Devereaux level 65

May 31, 2009
Well, I'd have to say Swashbuckler is my favorite since my main Pirate is a Swashbuckler. I have a Buccaneer, and while he's powerful, I just think that the high dodge and fancy moves make for a more interesting battle. Misty dodges more, and overall comes out of a battle with more health, and her companions stay alive longer. Of course, this could have to do with the level difference because Misty's a level 52 and Flint's a level 8.

Riposte for the win!!

-Misty Jackson, Swashbuckler
Flint Ashford, Buccaneer
Brynn Laveer, Witchdoctor
Lucas Ironside, Musketeer
Kestrel Hawkins, Privateer