What is your favoirte Parsidio Compainon ?

Mar 24, 2013
Hello there pirates so far, I have recruited all but the dog pirate for my characters. I know some pirates say the crab dude rules and some say the dog pirate rules. So without further delay here are the companions below and feel free to comment on each characters.

1.Gaspar De Vole- Reckless Nicole Ramsey and Sneaky Isabel Morgan
2. Lucky Jack Russel- Never Recruited
3.Milo ????- Slick Brittany Andrews
4.Dead Mike-Amber Underwood
5.Bargus ???- Jessica Orton
6.None yet

To be honest,the Crab dude is an awesome companion to use. I can't say about Lucky Jack since I never recruited as a player so it's a mystery to me.But he seems to be a cool character to use.Milo is an okay character,dead mike is cool he is stronger then he looks, Gaspar is okay but interesting promo quests.

Petty Officer
Oct 29, 2012
My favorite would have to be Lucky Jack Russel. He becomes a pretty cool companion and after a few promotions he ends up being pretty powerful. I have always liked the scurvy dogs in the game so it was cool to have a companion like them. I have to agree with you though i did really like Gaspard De Vole's first promotion quest.