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What is under the clouds?

Nov 19, 2015
Maybe some land somehow elevated from where it is today forming the spiral. And the storm gates? Storm clouds and wind currents morphed and became storm gates.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Thunder Hawk on Jun 26, 2016 wrote:
Such an interesting tale, quite a spin on our timeline as we know it. Hilarious.

The misadventures of a defect clockwork soldier aside, I think you may be on to something. I do remember a story I once read, (which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of) where a main plot point was a rift that cut across dimensions. It suggested that worlds are stacked, where the seemingly endless sea of clouds and the great depths of the earth are in fact openings to other parallel universes, except flipped. Flipped as in, if you rocketed upwards through the clouds via this rift, you would find yourself plummeting down through the skies of another world. Except, in the case of pirates, it would be reversed. *Gasp* Perhaps these are what stormgates are?
Why thank you, glad you got a laugh out of it.

I too have witnessed several stories/tales/movies involving those kinds of wonky adventures...and it always sounded like such a fun time. To be flying upwards and then instantly falling downwards...what a rush that would be. Just better watch the landing....and all of them blasted turtles! Talk about a living shell

Petty Officer
Jun 09, 2015
TucsonWizard on Jun 13, 2016 wrote:
Until early man realized what it was, fire was "magic". When the early explorers first traveled to the unknown they arrived in "magical" vessels that floated on the sea... they rode "magical" creatures (horses), and killed their enemies with "magical" firesticks. All of these things were magical to the natives because they had never seen them before and had no understanding of them. But as we all know now, none of this was magic. It was all very logical and followed the laws of nature... it was simple science that those primitive people didn't understand. Because we don't have an understanding of how something works doesn't necessarily make it magic. It follows "rules" of some sort or another. Even a witchdoctor's abilities in the game follow rules. There are range and line of sight restrictions that are consistent with nature. "Logically" speaking, if an attack is "magic" shouldn't it be limitless in range and shouldn't you be able to bend it around an obstacle? We can't because there are rules. Ignorance of a rule doesn't mean the rule doesn't exist just like ignorance of a science doesn't mean the science doesn't exist.
If there was no logic regarding the use of magic, witchdoctors and wizards would rule the Spiral uncontested. None could stand before them because their powers would be limitless without rules and logic (laws of nature).
if so this logic hasn't been found yet so this doesn't defie logic so you are wrong