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What Elite will we face next?

Jun 09, 2013
Oni Slayer on Mar 11, 2015 wrote:
Adding to you, let's say: After the dragon is defeated, Bishop appears with some alive dragon parts. Ex: The Wing, The Leg, The Head, The Fire, The Eyes, etc. Ok, so the fire is not a part, it's just a feature...
Uh, may you please explain yourself?

Bishop appearing "...with some alive dragon parts"? Do you mean you that we'll fight these parts in broadside combat?

Also, what fire? Are you referencing fire that the dragon would emit?

Jul 27, 2012
Which Elite will we face next?... that is a good question. If we don't encounter an elite before we get to Valencia, then my suspicion that the elite we first encounter in Valencia is...

The Lady Elite.

Why? My guess is after we sneak into Valencia, we are going to see how Valencia operates. How has Kane gained control of a populace that is largely educated and therefore hypothetically not so easily controlled? Valencia likely has numerous noble families supporting King Casimir that would ordinarily be suspicious of a faction gaining so much power, even if it is the highly respected heroes of the skies which historically overcame the great Polarian threat (from the Valencian perspective). So how have they not vehemently opposed the growing power of the Armada?

One answer is simply: laziness. Others now can do the dirty work of defending the nation while the prosperous Valencians play and party (as hinted strongly in the back story of Valencia in the game). But along with this is surely more mechanations that keep the Valencian people satisfied with the Armada and the status quo. To do that, Kane likely needs someone to parley propaganda about him and his Armada, and do it well. The Lady Elite, by her looks and elegant dress, seems to be the one most likely for this role

There is also the speculative question about her class. Since Kane seems to favor the female form (battle angels) for light, quick swordplay, it seems to argue that the Lady Elite may well be of the swashbuckler class, a class which not only includes noble samoorai but also... assassins. Convenient for Kane to have a charming diplomat who is also an assassin, don't you think? And even if we are 'undercover' in Valencia, and who we really are is not known, if we start stirring up trouble (our natural talent!) might we indeed find such deadly skills ranged against us (which I also think would be very Milady-like, Three Musketeers style, yes indeed! )

Dec 01, 2012
I've been a wee bit away from these forums.I've been shackled by real life circumstances and that's not changing for the next few weeks,but on these very weekends,I think I can pop in and share my thoughts.

I will start by saying the arguments I've heard so far are great.And I understand the many many who claim we'll meet the Iron Maiden.

However,it is my opinion that we will be having another encounter with Phule.Why?He is twisted to no end.Furthermore,he knows a lot about us,yet we know almost nothing about him.We don't even know what he does in Kane's Court!And when we sneak into Valencia,I expect he'd be the first one to know about it(now that Kane lacks a Spymaster

And I'll admit it.I wanna meet Phule.I don't think we'll see Bishop...we've scared him into getting an upgrade,I'm pretty sure he'll be too busy with that to run after us.

Kane as well,I've always considered too busy,even eremetic.Kane's mechanical mistress is one I expect to meet fairly our old cat told us we'd be seeing her in her element.All that leaves us with is Phule.

Hahaha,I don't know if I should be proud that we eliminated two of Kane's elites,or worried that the others may be even more powerful...

Well...only time will tell,right?

Aug 03, 2011
Ruthless Jack Jack... on Mar 12, 2015 wrote:
Uh, may you please explain yourself?

Bishop appearing "...with some alive dragon parts"? Do you mean you that we'll fight these parts in broadside combat?

Also, what fire? Are you referencing fire that the dragon would emit?
The parts that survive the killing, yes. With Bishop's magic, he creates those parts into living parts that each have different attacking and critical hits. The fire is cast from the dragon's head, so that's why it's a feature of a dragon. However, the head is the leader of the parts and Bishop is the creator. The head has a special multiple opponent attack that deals 370 damage to each of victims. If the fire hits a space, a fire will appear. You need to take down the fire before Bishop has a chance to use his living spell and make it into a living fire, which damages anyone who goes near and has repel boarders and first strike.

Jun 20, 2013
I am dying to see Phule again. He seems to know more than he's letting on, and I feel that he has his own agenda in the Armada's plan....a heck of twist would be that he's the toymaker. A close second would be the female Elite.