What El Dorado really looks like and where it is!

Dec 11, 2010
I have done some searching through some ancient tombs and figured out that El Dorado must be in Aztecia.
What we know of this golden city? Well nothing except it is a golden city. In fact I think we might have accidentally were there before!

I suggest we send a search party to Blood Shoals in seek of the legendary treasure! Who is with me :D

P.S. Yeah I was bored and just watched a film on El Dorado

Oct 16, 2012
*sort of scratches head and thinks about it* Well, you COULD be right. Xol Akmul is a golden city that was "lost"......but do you think that Captain Avery would have learned about it before? Still, El Dorado and Xol Akmul could be the same thing, but I highly doubt it. Anyways, a little history on the REAL El Dorado. It was supposedly located in a lake in Peru, and after many deaths and attempts to drain said lake and find tons of gold, the Spanish conquistadors gave up. However, they did find some gold, armor, jewelry, and it made them believe that there really WAS a city down there. However, no one's found it......YET.

May 10, 2013
Nice I think you are right I have been to Azteca in wizard101 and you might be right. There is a lot of gold stuff there. But that would be in a far update because on wizard101 they are hard bosses and enemy so they must be hard on pirate101 too. I think you are right because it might be above that huge temple in Azteca. So maybe to get to el dorado is on top of the temple, but it is a place with a bunch of guards.

Jan 22, 2013
I want to search for candy island! if I don't find candy island ill go for cookie island... as long as its chocolate chip cookie island.

-jack nightgale lvl 65 buccaneer

ps. ratbeard wants to search for cheese island and I said yes but I really meant no, don't tell him that.