What Do You Think Your Pirates Look Like?

Jun 23, 2012
I know we've probably all given descriptions of what our characters look like in game and we've probably seen plenty of screenshots showcasing different players. However, I know that how I envisioned my pirates isn't EXACTLY how they look like in game.

For instance, I envisioned Angel as having heterochromatic eyes. I always saw him as having one gray-blue eye while his other eye was pure blue, like his brother Kyle's. I also know that he'd be about half a head taller than Scarlet, although he'd still be a few inches shorter than his brother. His hair would be a little bit longer than the male character creation's ponytail is. At least, that's how he'd normally look, were he not forced to cut his hair every so often to avoid being recognized by people who are out to get him and his friends.

I saw Scarlet as being slightly shorter than normal, something which I believe adds to her enormous ego and sense of infallibility. Most of the time, she actually looks relatively normal. Pretty face, dashing outfit, charming personality... okay, maybe I'm exaggerating there, but she does look normal. However, when not in public I always saw her take away an illusion spell she'd used to hide half her face. Her real face actually doesn't differ that much from the illusion, in fact, the illusion is what she thinks she'd look like without the four long scars adorning the left half of her face. Don't ask where they came from, it was a long time ago and Scarlet doesn't talk about it. Due to the location of these scars Scarlet has lost the use of her left eye, however she has made up for this by improving on her listening skills in combat, using it to help her locate nearby enemies on her blind side. She exploits this 'weakness' for all it's worth and uses it to cause people to underestimate her at times. She says it's fun to see people's reactions when she wins.

Kyle is actually fairly normal. He has blue eyes, is about a head taller than Scarlet and about two to three inches taller than Angel. He's the brother most people would expect to be the Buccaneer, as he's a little more muscular than his brother. He, however, is not the Buccaneer, but the Witchdoctor of the group. Makes people wonder what happened to make them switch brains sometimes.