What do you think will come next?

Sep 10, 2009
As the name implies this thread is about what worlds you would like to come next and such next.Here are my thoughts:

Polaris: I would like Polaris to be next because its France based. Also I would like to see a Marie Antoinette themed penguin and her saying the iconic "Let them eat cake!" ( I did the research and Marie Antoinette said that quote before Napoleon, so right around the French Revolution ).

Marleybone: I would like to see Marleybone again, well to be more accurate Albion. I really want to see Albion because it's more of the Irish/Scottish themed part. Also I would like to know more of Bonnie's history.

Mooshu: I would like to see the mountain gate area ( Hamamistu Skyway ) if we get to that area I hope it will take us to another part of Mooshu where its filled with Warlords ( I know that's Khotan, but I really want to see Warlords like Uesugi Kenshin, and Oda Nobunaga. The only Warlord we got is Takeda Shingen. Also when I think about it, Kobe should've been promoted around level 42 because we would be in a area closest to Japan ).

These are just some of my ideas. What are your ideas? Post down below and share us your thoughts.

Jan 22, 2013
They pretty much said that it's going to be Valencia. But I would still love to see Polaris, (blind mew also said we're not going to Albion)