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What do you think Valencia will be like?

Gunner's Mate
Oct 11, 2012
Welcome my smuggling friends. Pull up a chair and sit down. What would service can I do for you? Divine your future? draw your horoscope? Find out what The Highlander Fox will cook up next for the Message Boards? What do you wish to learn?
What Valencia will be like?! My friend, I cannot see so far into the future to give you a clear picture. It is clear to me that you want to find a way to find Caligastro with the knowledge of what is ahead. I may not help you there, but I can foresee what could happen.
I see you obtaining a red windstone (or is it an orange one?) and somehow slipping through the Armada's blockades. I then see you caught up in the political intrigues of the Valencian merchant families and our clockwork foes. To bypass many of the obstacles and find Caligastro and The Toy Maker, you must align yourself with one of these powerful families. Be it the Medici of Florenzia or the notorious Borgias oc Cadiz I cannot say, but if you help the family in their endless struggle for power they will reward the favor for protection against the likes of Bishop, Phule and maybe even Kane and the mysterious lady herself.
That is my vision of what could be, but tell me, what visions do you have for the stormy skies of our great enemy's homeland Valencia?