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What do you remember from Books 13 & 14 in Test?

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Since we're still waiting for our next story update to arrive, I figured I may as well ask a question about what we remember from what content was in the Test Realm, & maybe even beta, & what notable changes were made before it all went to the Live Realm. Could be fun discussing what we remember from Test & beta, likely to pass the time.

That said, I may as well get to the point, 'cause I got this topic to share: What do you remember from Books 13 & 14 in Test Realm in April 2013 & what notable changes were made before they went to the Live Realm in May 2013?

Me, I remember St. Fido's Church being formerly one dungeon instance before KI decide to split this up into one regular exploring zone & two instances. It was a bit memorable, yet, I think that decision they made was for the best, & I respect that. Of course, I only got up to disabling an another Armada Fortress in Westminster Skyway before it went to Live. Minor pity.

Pirates, what else do you remember from that time being?