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What are your mornings like?

Feb 29, 2012
Hehe- good day my friends! How are ya all? In case you haven't noticed, I made some four layer chocolate cake, with yum glaze on the top and some whipped cream in between layers, and over there are my famous creme brûlées. Have some tea and coffee too! -gestures to multiple coffee flavors, like chocolate for example, and some Aquilan Mountain Tea, chamoomile, Moolong, and green tea- It's all quite nice.

So, I have a sillier question for you all today- What are your mornings in the skyways like? Have you ever woken up to find Ratbeard trying to make coffee? I promise you, that is the most amusing thing I ever see in the mornings. And poor Bonnie is trying to help him but he isn't listening and it leads to a lot of bickering- ah, good times, good times.

My mornings usually start out with me waking up in the captain's room (what am I saying, they always do!) and heading down to the upper deck. I usually find Ratbeard and Bonnie bickering about the right way to make coffee, and then I have to make over twelve cups worth of it for the rest of the crew. Romba never drinks coffee because he's crazy enough! It used to involve Monkey King trying to get his helmet off but he gave that up a while ago. When I head to the lower deck to enjoy some tea while Wing Chun steers, (Mike used to, but he lost his arm and can't anymore) Gracie and Bonnie join me and we just chat. Sometimes Neko joins us, because it's girl time ya know? After an hour or so I hear Catbeard and Ratbeard groaning about something or other, and then I have to go and fix whatever they're arguing about. Oh, did I mention I have to cook about ten different breakfasts for my crew in the mornings? Gracie always wants home made dog treats, Bonnie eats whatever, though it's usually waffles or pancakes because that's what I usually make, and Catbeard insists that I give him pickled herring with his cereal. Why a cat would want fish and cereal together I will never know. Dead Mike and Scratch usually just glare at everyone the entire time because they're dead and apparently it makes it so they can't eat anything, which makes things a LOT easier on me! Thunder Keeper and Wind Spirit aren't too picky, so they get Buffaloon bacon. Monkey King likes banana pancakes, while Romba enjoys fish sticks for breakfast. (I kid you not, that crazy water mole really enjoys fish sticks for breakfast!) Once breakfast is done we get assaulted a couple times and that usually concludes morning and then I have to make lunch for everyone, including tea and such. -sighs and sips green tea-

So, what are your mornings normally like when you wake up in the captain's quarters or wherever ya sleep? Tell me here, I love crazy and amusing stories about Pirate101, and I thought it would be fun to make this thread! So, see ya in my next crazy threads, and have a nice day! -winks and sips tea- This iced green tea is really good... Hidenari Kuga wasn't lying when he told me adding ice would make it taste better!

Ciao, Pirates!

Gunner's Mate
Oct 05, 2012
My mornings are very crazy, first off in the morning when me and my brothers hear the alarm clock, we thought it was the security alarm and start attacking each other thinking we were enemies, but those were the only times we ever fought (its a good thing Valona stops us before we can kill each other, -chuckles-). Then we have breakfast in the dinning hall with our crew, and occasionally, some of the crew would have pirate styled debates about certain subjects, and by debates, I mean wrestling matches. Griffin just growls at them before the fighting can begin because he does not tolerate it when the crew wrecks a room filled with expensive items with one of their so called debates. The sum of my crew likes the Valencian food Valona fixes them, but when Catbeard fixes breakfast, they always find a few pickled herrings in their dishes, which is why Valona cooks the food for Breakfast and Lunch, but my clockwork chefs cook the dinner. During Breakfast, we would just talk about how we are going to keep the Armada from stealing our map pieces, and occasionally, a clockwork naval fleet would show up at my house to try and steal the map pieces and kill us, but we used our Island's cannons to decimate the whole navy. After the navy was destroyed, Deacon would usually say meaningless threats at us that just made us more popular. Listen to this; -plays tape recorder-

Deacon: YOU WILL BE OUTLAWED ACROSS THE ARMADA TERRITORIES!!!!!!!!! THERE WILL BE A BOUNTY ON YOUR HEADS HIGHER THAN ANY PIRATE EVER KNOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WHOLE SPIRAL WILL KNOW YOUR FAMILY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-stops tape recorder-

Hear what I mean? ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

entire crew: ROFLOL!!!!!

Anyway, that's what my mornings are like.

Jul 27, 2012
Morning usually begins for Anne around dawn or somewhat before... she did grow up as a farm girl in MooShu after all. She rubs the sleep vigorously out of her eyes, jumps out of her bunk, and begins dancing around as she dresses, happily warbling:
"The Sun is rising out of bed/And in the east the sky is red;
So up and wake each sleepy-head/So early in the morning.
Tis shame to dream the hours away/When all the world is bright with day,
And Nature calls to work and play/So early in the morning!"
(sung to the tune of that happy 18th C. pop song, 'Nancy Dawson')

Bonnie Anne pulls the pillow uselessly over her head, muttering, "I wish I hadn't taught her that song." Gracie, who had taken the second watch during the night, slumbers on. The morning singing is a routine sound. (Yes, the captain's cabin is crowded these days. There's only so much room aboard ship).

But soon Bonnie Anne is chivvied out of bed, along with Anne to join the other crew members (who have not taken night watches) in the galley. Meals have become a lot more regularly tasty since the arrival of the little goat girl, Chaoxing [I wrote a story about her, but chronologically in Anne's published adventures she doesn't show up for a while], who serves as cabin girl. Chaoxing is the best cook on the ship, and is now confidently the pre-teen tyrant of the kitchen (er, galley). This morning everyone enjoys congee (a kind of rice porridge) with vegetables, along with some fresh fruit and fragrant jasmine tea. No one lingers long; there is a lot of work to do, and necessary fighting practice... hopefully it is just practice, but on the skies, enemies can lurk everywhere. Besides, kitchen lingerers usually get put to some useful task, and today Chaoxing has lots of cherries that need to be pitted, so she can make preserved cherries, pickled cherries, dried cherries... well, cherry season is short!

Virtuous Anne Radcliffe

Gunner's Mate
Dec 31, 2009
Now then, who said that we pirates slept? As I continue my adventures on the run from both the Frogfather's Syndicate and the Armada, my nights aren't ever spent in the same place twice, and sleep is rarer than a long-term stay. When I can afford it, I prefer staying somewhere in the depths of a city rather than where any enemy can spot my flag. More than once have I stumbled to the docks only to find ashes where my ship used to be. After a few allies offered to meet me back on the island, I took the risk of staying in the Kraken Skulls tavern last week. Though the night was rough and sleepless, I can happily say that it wasn't one of my worst decisions. However, fighting for a bed was not my ideal evening.
Yesterday morning, though, was my most serene. After the latest Armada attack, I was separated from what crew I had left, leaving me to my own musings and my loyal skarakeet. At the time, I was on the streets of the Isle of Dogs. That evening was spent in a corner, keeping to myself and my things while I slept. I woke with a horrible back-ache and bagged the idea of setting sail. I spent the morning in the city, buying bits of food for myself where it was cheap, and investigating the war's progression. Because of my recent exile from the Syndicate, I have been listed as a criminal, so I slipped down to the sewers very quickly. I fought my way through for a mug of Yum to start the day. From where I was sitting, I heard some gossip - nothing interesting, unfortunately. As I'm sitting on the docks of the Isle now, I expect to set sail again some time this afternoon albeit my screaming spine. I'm thinking of setting sail for Cool Ranch again. Last I heard, my first mate was headed to the Roost to try and find me via post. Perhaps I'll run into her there. Until then, it's shipless mornings and sore shoulders.

(I love this thread! -DSD)

Gunner's Mate
Jun 15, 2009
Well I guess they start like this: I wake up in my bed in the captains quarters ( or my room if im at home ) head to the kitchen and microwave a pop tart or something . Then I wake my crew by yelling " AHHHHHHH THE ARMADA IS ATTTACCKING " . I get them on the deck and calm them down they get a bout 30 minutes for a meal and fifteen min. to slap sense into Romba Cat beard will avoid the pop tarts bonnie will have english food Romba well um .... well....... er....... I don't know if he eats . so rain or shine Subodi will have everyone do 500 push ups , sit ups , man that part has its UPS and downs get it, get it . well Thats it I guess I can't come up with anything else .
P.S. I will be out of town for some time so you may not hear from me for a bit

Sep 05, 2009
Well let's see. I usually start my mornings reading the next chapter of my book that I did not feel to finish before I fell asleep, then I put on my clothes, and head out. usually Subodai is on tea duty (I insist on tea, not coffee, my crew dosn't need caffeine, they're already too crazy), and dead Mike is on breakfast ( he can cook quite well, albeit, nurse Quinn has to help him on putting things in and to make sure he dosn't poison it on accident), Sarah, Toro, my cat pirate, Toreador, and Sally are usually practicing fencing on deck while Neko is hanging out relaxing after night watch. Bonnie, my crazy Monquistan, Zeena and Lt. Springer are on deck practicing aim. Monkey King, Ratbeard, Catbeard, my weasel gambler, Froggo Villa and Tricky Vinny are playing cards while Hawkules is going off on some adventure he did. Rooster Cogburn, my chicken miner, Buffalo Bill, and Stormy Sky are discussing cool ranch history. Gracie is down modifying cannons, while my crab hermit and monquistador explorer read books from my library. Ju hao, my Yakooza, and my Ninja Pig sit around talking about Mooshu while Old Scrach mumbles to himself and Samocles sits and listens. Yay! I left no one out, I must admit that was a hassle. So that's what goes on on my ship

May 16, 2011
Mmmmmm, that cake sounds really tasty. I'd like a slice and some Moolong tea please. x sips tea x Tastes as good as ever.

Usually when I wake up in my cabin I find that Ratbeard or Mormo is hovering over me complaining about one thing or another. And this is at three in the morning when it happens. And after I go to sleep for one or two hours, I wake up after hearing yelling five cabins down. So even though I'm really sleepy, I hurry down the hall to cabin nine. Ratbeard and Catbeard. Of course. While they scream at each other I notice Bat Masterson in the corner, muttering harsh words about, "The Light". So I then break Cat and Rat up, and tell Ratbeard to go to his own cabin. Catbeard shares a room with Bat Masterson, and Ratbeard shares a room with Mormo. Then, two hours later, I begin to wake my crew. Half of them are already awake, which includes and not limited to: Catbeard, Ratbeard, Mormo, Bonnie Anne, Gracie Conrad, El Toro, Lefty, Old Scratch, Bones Mcgee, and Kan Po. My morning call usually wakes up Dan Drake, Monkey King and Milo Graytail. I also have to cook twenty different meals, but luckily Kan Po is for some reason very good with cooking, so I had some help. Multiple of my companions make a HUGE MESS, so I assigned KP duty. Usually I have KP duty, because barely any of my companions volunteer. Then out of nowhere, a sword crashes through the window. I don't even need to look out the window to see who did it. Ratbeard. Of course. Catbeard and Ratbeard usually swordfight at this time of day. Half the time one of them breaks a window. And later on I hear Ratbeard and Bonnie arguing with each other. I can never have a good morning because something always happens.

Petty Officer
Feb 24, 2012
mornings are a big problem with my crew after all the yum the night before
if we were able to keep eep opp ork ah-ah off the yum so his nervous trembles dont sink the ship we are still all onboard and docking is in order to stumble about some island for breakfast, the gold mine is lush and full of foods enough to satisfy most of us for breakfast
if we had to abandon ship due to eep opp the night before we end up in the volcano house where i spent my night in the captains bedroom on the top floor. i usually rise first, sparking up the many fire pits and brewing up the coffee, old scratch shows up first after smelling the aroma of coffee wafting up to him in the watch tower, then, annoying the entire crew, old scratch who never sleeps anyway, makes his way to the gong, using hawkules giant club, gives the gong not one but several strikes which usually knocks anyone in a hammock to the ground and everyone else begins the day with the same shakes that eep opp has all day long, kinda funny really and the grumbling begins until i get them into battle again and their minds are on winning!

Dec 21, 2009
Mornings are a strange thing when you have severalparts of your crew trying to wake you up. I admit I'm a heavy sleeper, by that i mean its nearly impossible tto wake me in time for lunch but you cant blame me! Each day i lift thirty two, to two thousand pounds of gold. I also have to run a mile to supposedly warm up for a big day.
Hansome Dan: **Captain, its a regular thing in the royal navy.**
Breakfests are usually noise filled with plenty of "debates" (a.k.a. wrestle royales) and sometimes the occasional threat to blast my whole crew with a cannon. Rat Beard tries to pick pocket by every time he tries me he gets sore fingers {I've got minature bear traps in my pockets}
This is what a morning is like for me.