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Wednesday Wind

Apr 30, 2011
Before I start, there is one thing I need to ask, Do I really make a difference? I feel like I am getting no where with this...Help?
Ahoy there! I'm sorry this came two days late. But I'll make it up, This time, there will be FOUR topics and a Prime Time.

1. How many references can you point out? Hmm...TOO MANY TO COUNT.
2. Ninja101? Say Whaaa?
3. Doctor Who Fan's Arabbita, an ideal that has me hopping for joy. (No pun intended) Link:
4. Wait a second, didn't the Armada outlaw all magic...yet they do it?
Do you have a favorite writer on the message boards that you favor?

Jul 27, 2012
Sorry, Jacob, I guess I am not sure what all this is. But I will give #4 a go. I'm sure in Kane's mind he can make up all the rules he wants, but does not feel at all compelled to follow them (very psychopathic of him). Outlawing magic is a convenient excuse to arrest people where the Armada has power to do so, and since witchdoctors are a minority many hold in suspicion, sadly, Kane can probably get away with it without too much protest. It also may be that magic holds some key to a flaw or weakness of Kane himself.

Fighting Bishop was enlightening. I had thought he would use magic, but... he really didn't. More like an imitation of magic. Quite fascinating, really. It reminds me of those folk tales about the Fair Folk, where the fay hold court and imitate human customs as they do not have invention of their own.

And the writer I follow most on the message boards? Blind Mew! When he writes a post, I am all over it!

Virtuous Anne Radcliffe

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
It might help to put each question or request for opinions in their own thread. That way it is easier for the message board grazer to pick up on things that interest them. Just a thought.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
P.S. Of course you matter. All who post here do. We come here to hear each others ideas and to express our own. Your thoughts and ideas definitely matter. To you and to us. Even if I don't have a particular interest in one subject doesn't change it's value or your right to express it. Plus there is the added concept that you are a friend and most certainly matter.

May 16, 2011
Um what? Well I might as well go for it.
1. Uhhhh I could go all day pointing them out so I'd rather not do this one.
2. Ninja101? Hmm I like the idea of Warrior101 a bit better........ but you've got to give guy a bit of credit for coming up with the idea......
3. Doctor Who Fan should be a future KI employee, cause that thread seems pretty good. I really like the idea of Arrabita, cause it seems very cool.
4. Hmmmmm good question. I think it's because Witchdoctor are one of the classes they really fear, because you see them use all of the others, just not Witchdoctor. I agree with Anne Radcliffe, Bishop seemed entirely to use fake magic. I imagine Phule as the one who will use hoodoo, considering him having a wand, and he just LOOKS like a Witchdoctor all the way through.
Favorite writer. Obvious! Again I agree with Anne, Blind Mew is the BEST!

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