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Water Moles

Petty Officer
Jun 10, 2013
Mar 09, 2011
I do! I do! I do! I've got a witchdoctor character and I love Mormo. XD He's by far my favorite companion.

~Elizabeth, level 22 ~
~Anne Abbott, level 13 ~

Oct 20, 2009
Water Moles and troggies are my favorite. If I could have a whole crew of just them, I would!

Gunner's Mate
Jun 15, 2009
Petty Officer
Jun 10, 2013
I seriously wish they were in more worlds than Skull Island. I'm a Privateer and have Nanu Nanu (Water Mole Warrior) and Henare Akalo (Water Mole Slingman). I hope to soon get Uga Buga (Water Mole Witchdoctor).

Jul 27, 2012
I love the Water Moles too, especially for their looks, though I really like Nanu Nanu and Mormo in action. Nanu Nanu is still one of my privateer Charlotte's favorite companions at level 60, and he still does well. I particularly like the varied Pacific Islander-style costumes of the various water moles, and their really nicely done Maori-style tattoos.

Virtuous Anne Radcliffe

May 01, 2010
I am madly in love with water moles, I am a witchdoctor and mormo was my favorite ever since i got
him in bad company. But recently, my brother got into my account and bought, oingo boingo, the crown
shop sumo for my birthday. Since then nobody else has been my firstmate.

I can practically name every single water mole there is, so ask me anything