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Very good Pets Puppet Show!

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Good day!

Donkey Hotay, if you're around, I have to say that the Puppet Show about Pets & Bestia's origins, it was one of the best ones you've made yet! I know it's far late to say this after the Advanced Pets update, but I have to say it, anyway, after watching it.

That Puppet Show that's showcasing the Golden Eagle's travels to Wizard City for pet training inspirations post-facing The Minotaur was surely one of the best parts I've watched on that show, & I have to say, I really enjoyed the Wizards & the pets in W101 making cameo appearances in that show was one of the best moments I've seen yet! & I especially enjoyed how the Eagles made pet training even more amazing to us Pirates than before after the Golden Eagle's return to Aquila. Liked that show from start to finish! I have to say, it's a good side story told in a Puppet Show, one that I didn't expect to see.

Overall, that Puppet Show was the best, & sure enough, the very first Puppet Show made for a side quest yet! I would like to see some more Puppet Shows made to side quests... or maybe even side story arcs, if we get one, someday. Someday.

Thanks for making that show, either way, Donkey Hotay!