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Universal Squad Quests

Aug 15, 2013
Hey everyone! Back at it here with another post! So I was thinking about Squad Missions. It would be a feature where you and other pirates in your squad could either defeat a certain amount of enemies, ships, or collect certain items. The squads would be split up into certain categories. Skull Island Squad (Levels 1-5 Allowed Only), Monquistan Squad (Levels 6-15 Allowed Only), Valencian Squad (Levels 16-20 Allowed Only) Cool Ranch Squad (Levels 21-35 Allowed Only) Mooshu Squad (Levels 36-50 Allowed Only) Marleybonian Squad (Levels 51-57ish) Aquilan Squad (Levels 58-65) and Valencian II Squad (Levels 66-70). In each Squad, only those of the levels required can participate in those squads. However, if a pirate is a bit overleveled (like 1-3 levels and still has main quests in squad locations, they may participate as well. The rewards would be a little XP, some gold, and sometimes some gear, companions tomes, and nautical XP.
Here's an example Squad Quest I made:
Aquilan Squad Quest (Defeat Enemies)
Defeat 120 Ophidian Warriors and 80 Ophidian Archers.
Rewards: 150 XP, 460 Nautical XP, 12,000 Gold, some gear, and 4 companion training tomes.
I think this would be an epic idea in Pirate101. This is a whole new way for people to work together on quests, with more than four people!

Mar 23, 2012