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Um, whats the main genre?

Sep 22, 2010
Ok, so we all know that the the genre is pirate themed.But what is it really?I mean, marleybone is obviously steampunk,and cool ranch is western, skull island is pirate.( no, really? ) monquista is spanish,mooshu
is either japanese or chinese .valeincia(dont know if i spelled that right) is italian, ect.
The point is, what is the main genre in pirate101?I'll probably get some replay like, " dude... there's a pirate refrence in all the worlds."

But no the way it is is that your a pirate,ok, the other players are too, but there are no pirates in the worlds except for skull island.And after that, people are going to tell me,"what about the ships in every world."Well, i got that covered too, you see, it's simple really... look for the ship types! marleybone, for example, has navy ships, so does the armada in valeincia, so, i geuss it's like there's a bunch of mini online games.You just a pirate in every one of them, and it saves the stuff in one character.
So, I geuss i just answered my own question....Well, thats all I have to say for now, see ya later

Fearless Chase Kipton, lvl 25 swashbuckler

I like how Josef Hall talks about the type of game that Pirate101 is here:

"What separates this game from other MMOs like Disney Pirates of the Caribbean?

As odd as it sounds, they aren’t really very comparable games. Typically, Pirate games are fairly well-grounded: they are almost universally set in the Caribbean during the Age of Sail, and they try to maintain a certain amount of realism (except for the occasional skeleton, zombie or a ghost ship).

Since our game universe started with Wizard101, a game about magic and mythological creatures, it’s already on the far edge of fantasy. The genre is really closer to Narnia or Harry Potter. All of our pirate ships are flying, because our worlds consist of enormous floating islands that hang in mid-space. The people of this world are talking animals, and the skies are filled with dragons and sky squids.

In terms of gameplay, it’s quite different as well. The genre is technically known as a Tactical Role Playing Game, meaning that one of the primary game activities is to collect different types of soldiers (in our case, a crew of odd-ball talking animals and mythological creatures) and field them in tactical battles (ship raids and prison breaks).

We are also one of the first companies to attempt to marry that type of gameplay with a Massively Multi-player environment, which was enormously challenging – and equally satisfying now that we can see it working.

Finally, the game is centered on an epic storyline with full voice acting and hundreds of hours of detailed scripted adventures. This really takes the element of story driven content to a new level for a Massively Multi-player Online Game."

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Nov 23, 2011
Given the multi-world nature of the 101 universe, it is inevitable that some realms are going to be more "piratey" than others. But I confess I do tend to enjoy most the realms that are most closely associated with the popular concept of pirates (Skull Island, Marleybone) and like least the realms that aren't closely associated with ships and piratin' (Cool Ranch).