Training 3

Apr 30, 2011
(Before we start, I'm sorry for the outburst of messages from me, I have been busy all day planning junk and doing personal matters. So, uh... well, Oh yeah! When school starts, well, I'm home schooled, so if you like your posts. Good news for you? Well...okay)
Hello, pirates! I have found some more of my notes. Sorry about my last message, I got in trouble with some Cutthroats and I have the marks to prove it. But I'd rather not show it. Oh well..
On and on I learned many lessons but this, happens to be an important one. I have always been afraid of the armada ships... one day they found me and wanted me to come with them, for some of their marines dressed up like my mother and it was so weird, and one of their musketeers pretended to be my father! How weird! They called me Mr. Deacon's prize? Who is Deacon!? Oh well.. My piggy friends stopped me just as I was about to say "Mom, dad! It's you! Of course, I'll go see Mr. Deacon!" Obviously, that made them angry. The next day they sent an all out attack onto my tribe and destroyed half of our island with this huge machine... My friends, were taken. My master told me as he was being taken "Fear is poison...remember us...escape while you can, dragonfly.." I'll never forget that goat.... His name was Kan Po..great goat he was. I decided to confront my fear and stop all of those, of course, I failed. But my lesson was to never let fear consume you, but hey...they haven't won yet.
One....two....three..huh? It didn't happe-AHHHHH IT HURTS! OH MY GOSH! I THINK I SHOULD STOP DOING this? Oh well... Wait, oh hi guys! And uh..bye??