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Top #5 series:week 3:powers

Feb 08, 2014
Ahoy,Reckless Austin Strong here again on Top5,week3:powers.Previously I posted two messages for companions and worlds.Next week I will post week 4:Epic Talents.

#5Mournsong.This a good power with a cool animation.Good damage + 2-rd over-time damage=about 900 damage!
#4Vicious charge.Again another awesome power.Dealing approximately 600 damage(Mournsong may be better)
#3Tempest of torpedoes. the other variations of this power are good.I mean really!Summoning freckin' powerhouse bombs!What could possibly be a better trap!
#2Mojo Reaver.Another beast power dealing an estimated(by me) 930 damage
#1Assassin's Strike.The most epic, beast, boss, powerhouse power EVER!!Dealing an approximated,unbeleivable amount..about 1600!!!!What could ever be better!?