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Top 3 Boss Fights of Pirate101

May 16, 2011
Pirate101 has been going on for almost a year and a half now, and it has a great story line. One of my favorite aspects of the game is the steady stream of boss fights. Some of these are Tso epic. On others, my response is just......Just.......Noh. No Wei, No Hao. So, I'll count down my top three boss fights. WARNING: SPOILERS.
No. 3!

The battle at the end of the tutorial, against Fin Dorsal. Although we had two earlier boss fights, this one really stuck out to me. It's the hardest fight you've had so far, and by then most of what you've learned is put to the test. Plus, Fin has some great drops. I stayed and farmed him on my new Witchdoctor, and it was worth it. This guy is a great boss.

No. 2!

The final battle of Tumbleweed, the end of the Wild Bunch. Yep, the battle against Buck Bronco, Waco Kid, and Old Man Bronco. The Mag. 7 are cool enough as it is. Facing these guys... It's a good thing neither El Toro or Hawkules were around to take part in it. This really gets you into that feeling of being a Cool Ranch Ranger. And I laughed when Old Man Bronco said, "You know, if you had just asked us, we would've shared Tumbleweed." This boss fight is great.

No. 1!

The boss battle against Rooke in the Trafalgar Vortex. Epic fight, check. Powerful villain, check. Good ally, check. This final battle in Marleybone is pretty cool as it is. Rooke is stronger than both Deacon and Bishop. The enemy in this battle has many steel defenses. (Pun Intended) First of all, Rooke is invincible to regular musketeer attacks. If they are used, Rooke bounces the attack right back at your own crew. He can strike before you from a distance if any witchdoctor spells are used on him. He has knockback, whenever you enter the eight squares around him. He's also a buccaneer, so he has a lot of health. Plus, you have to protect Admiral Nelson. If he loses, you lose the match. This final battle against Rooke puts all you have learned in Pirate101 to the very strict test. Good luck with him.
So, there you have it. My top three boss battles in Pirate101.

Great list! I just completed number 2 the other day on my Buccaneer, and I'm glad I had some help with it.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Gunner's Mate
Apr 13, 2010
One-Eyed Jack on Feb 18, 2014 wrote:
Great list! I just completed number 2 the other day on my Buccaneer, and I'm glad I had some help with it.
Congratulations, Jack! Your Buccaneer is on to Haunted Skyway! Be very, very scared. Old Scratch was right. "Haunted Skyway be well named." Hey, I'm a buccaneer in Haunted Skyway! Coincidence?

3. Um... Idk.
2. Rooke. Hands down. Alexander Lionheart's video just hit it on the money. Awesome dialogue, awesome ally. Awesome everything. "You've fought brilliantly, Admiral. But your cause is lost! Surrender, or die." "As I've always said, a glorious death is to be envied. Surrender? To the likes of you? Never!" "Yarr! That's the spirit!" Couldn't have said it better.
1. Hands down, Deacon. Cool Ranch battle music. Archenemy from the beginning. El Toro. The map piece. Captain Blood's treasure. What else could you want?

May 13, 2011
lets see. i always had one favorite, which is very unlike me

3. deacon: this is the boss you meet at the beginning and he stalks you all the way to the motherlode mine. as he can shoot from an unlimited range, he never moves and you have to get close. i actually thought he was the main villain at first (i bet we all did before we knew about kane)

2: gortez: this boss was tough, especially for my privateer and also i think luck saved my witchdoctor from him. he is extremely tough for his lvl and takes lots of hits before finally falling, not to mention dealing a lot of damage too. not only that, but when he appears, so do 5 crossbowmen which is about the army size in a normal battle

3: rooke: this battle made me love marleybone. i was in the war, fighting a huge threat. the music, the environment, the challenge, i loved everything. all battles were epic battles so i wouldnt end up with any bad companions. fighting rooke was definitely the most fun thing i have ever done. it was buccaneer against buccaneer, master against master and only one could survive