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They Were the Best of Times...

Dec 21, 2009
They were the Best of times, they were the worst of times... -Charles Dickens

What were your best times in Pirate101, and what were your worst? What can you give thanks about, and what can you quote Charlie Brown about, saying "Good grief."
We're so near a holiday and after that another great one. What better way to celetrabte Thanks Giving then quoting Charlie Brown andor saying thanks! Besides, I'm curious to see if I can out do your bemoanings .

Petty Officer
Jun 12, 2011
The best of times for me would have to be in Beta. I enjoyed every last minute of it. The game was shiny and new. We has so many different things to learn. Every day when I logged in it was like Christmas morning I met some great friends along the way as well.

The worst of times, hmm....waiting for the shiny and new again. It is agonizing. We want so much more, and killing time until the new books arrive, it's like finger nails on a chalk board. So once they have arrived, we will be back to all happy smiling faces again

Feb 25, 2012
Ah, what could be better than facing a new challenge in the midst of a fight, with naught but your crew and your friends at your side? For me, my best moment has to be the first time I did the Tower of Moo Manchu.

And what could be worse than going into something with confidence and courage, only to discover that you are not only unprepared but also not skilled enough to face the challenges that so many others have set and passed before you? My worst moment has to be my first (and very pathetic) attempt at PvP.

-Matt Walker


Nov 03, 2012
Being more of an optimist than a pessimist I will first say my best time.

I would say when I was around lvl 5 I had the best time. I was still discovering the game and loved my crew and my raft.

Worst is a three way tie.
1) When I first started playing the game I had no idea what I was doing. I breezed through the tutorial and forgot all I learned. I spent a while looking for a wizard101 spell book in the corner and didn't know how to get to my backpack. Now, I can laugh at that memory but when it happened I was so confused!
2) When I got my raft. Remember in the beginning of the game where it seems your going to get that big monquistan ship but get a raft instead? Well, I laughed afterwards but for that split second, that one micro moment. It was horrible. Like a parent taking away a child's cookie.
3) Fighting the bumbaloons in the wolf spirit quest. It took ages!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
They were the worst of times - I was bored, bored, BORED They were the best of times - When I logged onto the message boards

Feb 11, 2010
My best times were when my musketeer was in cool ranch, and promoting Louis. He was my favorite companion at the time.

Good Grief moments can be when my swashbuckler was stuck on the hydra and Troy.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Well one of my best and one of my worst times kind of go hand-in-hand with each other.

I'm embarrassed to say and admit that it took me until Valkoor was helping a couple of pirates on the deck of the Victory, battling Kane and his Armada goons, before I came to the realization of how to use text chat. Yes, you heard it correctly- I was completely oblivious to the fact that hitting that blasted Enter key would open up a whole new world of fine Spiral chat and friendly interactions with fellow pirates. I had gone solo to that point and just occasionally interacted with other players, so I didn't do much chitchatting and when I did so I used menu chat due to obliviousness. Being a pirate (and being a male didn't hurt either), I was too stubborn to ask for directions.....I mean ask how to open chat. I just kept on Ahoy-ing and Thank-ye-ing and Like your outfit-ing, like no bodies business. And I had not yet met so many of you wonderful posters and pirates in the game or here on the boards, so I didn't fully realize what I was missing.

So, I guess you could say that one of my worst times, was when I realized that I could have been engaging in some great conversation with some fantastic pirates for 4+ worlds- if I had only tossed my piratical pride out the window.

And you could say that one of my best times was when I realized that at that moment I could now engage in such great conversation with those fine pirates. I know, I know-- there's probably some out there that wish I had never 'found my pirate voice'- but too bad you scurvy scalawags, I am silent no more!

Oct 16, 2012
The best of times for me:

1. Getting onto Pirate101 for the first time the DAY it went live! I WAS SO HYPED!!!

2. Getting my first pack companion. Trust me, after TONS of crowns, getting Kawil Doomclaw made my day!

3. Tower of Moo Manchu. It will always be one of my favorites, as it just keeps happening over and over again! You can really form some good friendships in that tower!

4. Entering Marleybone for the first time. I'm homeschooled and had the day off the day MB and AQ released, so I believe from what I saw I was the FIRST to enter Marleybone.There was no one else but me in ANY realm. Isle of Dogs was completely deserted no matter what realm you chose. The music was intense, the background stunning, and the fights......EPIC. MB will always remain one of my favorite worlds.

5. Fighting the HYDRA. Even though it may be hard, the Hydra is an amazingly well-engineered boss. Kudos to you Ratbeard, for the Hydra is literally the hardest fight I have ever done! The Nefarious Five come nowhere near the Hydra.

Oct 16, 2012
Going from my last post.

My WORST of times:

1. Miranda. Way back when, that dungeon had TONS of fights, enemies roaming the streets, and lots of chances for gold and good items. Now, there are only FOUR fights. It may be easier, but now, you miss a few bosses that were tons of fun back then.

2. Armadillo Verde. TWO SOLID MONTHS OF FARMING FOR ONE. I got two of them before the update, and one of them has the best skill set possible. Riposte, Relentless, and Pirate. That was a lot of suffering, but by the time I had to face the Bumbaloons, I and my companions were NINE levels over them in strength, and I toppled them. Those nine levels happened because I fought 300-400 fights with many different CR bosses. Along with that, I had the best gear because of 2 months of farming, making those Bumbaloons a walk in the park. By the time I got to Tumbleweed, I was level 40.

3. Packs. On both packs combined, I have spent over $200-$300 dollars for those companions, and I have gotten 5 (3 bears and 2 dinos) out of the 11 possible in both packs combined. Still, it could be worse.

4. HYDRA. It may be my most intense fight, and I like it and hate it for that reason. If you solo it like I did, it will take 45-60 minutes to take him out. That is a time-sucker.

5. Rooke. Super-hard to beat, as of his counter-attacks to Musketeer and Witchdoctor moves. Sure, you can solo him, but expect to lose 1-2 of your companions in that fight if you choose them wrong. First time I fought him, I went with all Musketeers and.......yeah, you get the picture. All three of them died, leaving me to finish off Rooke by the skin of my teeth.

Dec 21, 2009
Best of times, logging into pirate101 the very first time, it was awesome!
Worst of times,Hydra, insanely hard,
Losing membership, no aquila for what seems like forever,
(new) Scrip arena, uber hard.

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
Best of times... creating my first pirate

Worst of times... dying in Aquila, my first death and it was because of the Harpies, the only ones that ever beat me...