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The war between skyways

Jun 26, 2010
Before the Armada's rising the leaders of Mechanov tried to prevent the uprising of the Armada, but before they could, Bishop cast a veil of rust among one of the skyways.. Rush Valley Skyway. The people of the Rush Valley Skyway started to grow sick and weary from the diseased, rusted air. They soon started to feel changes, their skin began to cover in rust, their bodies began morphing into something beast -like, their eyes glowing like that of demons, and their voices screaming like blood-curdling monsters. This was something out of nightmare. Half of the population had turned into some form of monsters. The people of the Steam Stream Skyway had no choice but to put the Armada aside and on focus the other skyway that they now call the Rust Valley Skyway. The infected people of the Rust Valley Skyway planned to spread this infection to the Steam Stream Skyway, but those who wore protection and hid away from the upcoming conflict. Soon the two skyways began a war. The war began and the rising of the Armada went underway. By present day the war between the two skyways still raged on and on… with Rust Valley Skyway on verge of conquering all of Mechanov so it’s up to the pirates of Skull Island to save Mechanov from its destruction. So tune in soon more on Mechanov

- Deadeye Jack Morgan