The training 2

Apr 30, 2011
Ahoy, I have found some more of my notes and I think I should share..should I? Voices in the background: NO!
-Clears throat-
Well then..uh..Let's begin..

As I trained...
I faced many Sumo pigs... And I thought they were normal ones were chubby..
I have faced defeat many times...
Yet the last one I faced, was not a friend of mine...
His name was Unicorn! hahaha! That's not funny..
His name was Pu Ho
Pu ho was the village bully,
He believed he was too big for anyone
He stole, he littered and he loved to pick fights.
He challenged me and the battle begin..
Let's just get to the point... -Scrolls down to the end-
He pinned me to the ground and then out of no where.
HYAAH! My friends saved my life.
My lesson was that your friends will always be there..
*Sigh* I guess this is where I for-AHHH.. Why am I still holding this paper!?
Because you have no logic! Be quiet! You want to fight me!?! Uh..see you in the skyways..hopefully..
Punching sounds-