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The time has come (TNT)

Feb 07, 2011
I have started a new crew called the night temalars AKA: tnt.

Anyone intrested post on me topic, the meeting will take place on the 4th of november at 2:00pm U.K time on boochbeard realm at gullet in that whale town, in the ship shop.

this is important; if you live in the U.S.A i have converted the time for you, its 9am, sorry its so early for you guys but 2:00pm gives me more time to go through aplicates

oh and no girls alowed.

best of regards
your captain,

Sep 06, 2009
I'm not a girl, but you should seriously allow girls in, i mean, seriously, that is kind of stereotypical

Jan 29, 2010
I imagine KI would not approve a "club" that would alienate anyone on a family friendly game.