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The ruler of an island

Jul 13, 2014
If you could rule an island, even for a day, which one would it be? Skull Island? Scrimshaw? Monquista? The (very) huge Cool Ranch? I want to know which island you would like to rule and make laws for! I, personally, would like to rule Marleybone. I like "big cities," and it would be cool to own an island of dogs. So, which one would you like to rule?

Gunner's Mate
Nov 14, 2013
I would chose MarlyBone too so I can lead attacks on the armada

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
I would like to boot General Tso out of Khotan and take over the govenorship.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
anecorbie on Oct 16, 2014 wrote:
I would like to boot General Tso out of Khotan and take over the govenorship.
For some strange reason I take this a little bit to heart and a tad personally......hmm, I wonder if it has anything to do with Tso letting me borrow some things out of his wardrobe closet.

Petty Officer
Jan 09, 2013
I'd definitely rule Valencia so I can finally get access to that big machine-like, gear-thingy in the middle of the skyway. Maybe also learn more about the Armada and outplan them!!

Mar 24, 2013
If i can rule one island as a pirate overlord, my choice will be the big one cool ranch. It would be a challenge to rule that massive world. With trade agreements with other worlds of the spirals Skull Island, Valencia, Marylebone, Aquila, maybe with Polaris,Raja,Wizard City and Avalon, this will be a great world to rule.

Jun 26, 2010
Well....I be not much of a ruler type of pirate, more of discovering one instead and maybe start a new beginning for more or other pirates, just like Captain Avery did.

- Deadeye Jack Morgan

Jun 08, 2012
If I had to choose a world to rule, it would be Aquila. I loooooovvvvveeeee greek and roman mythology, so it would be amazing to get to rule Aquila. Plus, maybe I could get Cadmus to finally drop the Crest of Faunus...