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The Pirate Your Pirate Could Play Like

Petty Officer
Jul 28, 2011
(Old Spice Commercial Parody)
Hello, Captains, Look at your pirate, now look at me, now back to your pirate, now back to me. Sadly, your pirate isn't me, but if your pirate stopped asking random players for help and giving that one hard boss a go themselves, he could play like he's me. Look down, look back up, Where are you? You're on a ship with the pirate your pirate could play like. what's in your hand, back at me. i have it, it's a chest with those two weapons you love. look again, the weapons are now crowns. anything is possible when your pirate plays like a captain and not like a noob. i'm on a batacuda.
*Old Spice Jingle Plays In The Distance*