The pirate worlds

Jun 08, 2013
Well I know it is pretty easy to figure out but I wanted to make a post about it. This is a post about the pirate worlds being based off important places in the real world.

Skull island: not based off any place in the real world (I think).

Monquistia: based off of Spain. Reason: the monquistadors get their name from the Spanish conquistadors.

Cool Ranch: based off the mid west of America. Reason: the chickens represent basically cowboys and the buffalo represent the native Americans.

Mooshu: based off China/Japan (kind of mixed together). Reason: do I really have to even list them.

Marley Bone: based off of Great Britain: Reason their army's are called the Red Coats same as in real life (or used to be)

Valencia: based off France. Reason: Louie the crab harpooner says he is from Valencia and he uses many french words not to mention his name is pretty much french

not really useful I know but it was bugging me and I wanted to share it. KI you did a great job designing these worlds. And basing them off real places adds some reality to the game.