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The panoramic sneak peek!

Oct 16, 2012
Hello there, pirating comrades! Sorry I haven't been on in a while, but that's real life for ya! Anyways, I assume a lot of you have seen the new panoramic clues that the folks in KingsIsle had given us! Looking at what I have seen, I see new gear, a pelican companion, and maybe a variation of Wing Chun! Also, I see new gear on the 2 pirates in the panoramic view, along with a staircase leading to Avery's mansion. The big things are the Aquilan themed dock by the Musket school, and the HUGE Godzilla Eagle in the background, holding up a stadium! Along with that, there is a weird building now beside the Swash hall! Give me your guesses about what you think all of this means and when ya'll think the update is coming! Last time KI gave us this many hints, MB and AQ were revealed 1-2 weeks later! Buckle up, my comrades! FUN IS COMING!!