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The only way to save this game rests in our hands.

Feb 14, 2014
Hello everyone.

I just purchased a membership now to return and relay a message that needs to be heard. Everyone here is exceedingly passionate about this game, or we all would not be here posting in the first place. There is a reason we all stick here and enthuse over Pirate101, because we all love it. It wasn't until recently that I began playing W101 again, which in turn reminded me of when I avidly played this wonderful game. To this day I firmly believe P101 is in every way the superior game, even in spite of the lack of content. The absolute potential this game has is insurmountable and should be capitalized on. It is my love and care for this game that I've returned to write this post.

Now, I believe its time we had a very frank conversation about the fate Pirate101.

We as a community simply cannot expect the development team at Kingsisle to singlehandedly save this game without some sort of help from us. That would be completely selfish. A ripple effect occurred back when the teams in charge of W101 and P101 merged into one, resulting in longer waits for P101 and more and more players leaving the game, cancelling memberships, not buying crowns, etc. There is nothing we as a community could do about this except accept things for what they were, and move on. We expected the team to just carry on as per usual, and they did...which was, in reality, carrying on a struggle. Fast forward to today, the game is at a stand still, but with a devoted group of players who truly believe in the game. It is this devotion that could potentially save Pirate101.

So as to reach my point quicker, I will tell you this: this post is a call for action. We've been told this in the past and I don't believe we truly understood how important this was, but we as a community need to reach out into the world and promote this game for what it is: a game of mass potential, that allows the players to dive into an incredible fantasy. We need to start telling friends about the wonderful game called Pirate101, start up posts on social media from Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, what have you. If we are all truly devoted to this game, we will go to whatever lengths necessary to revive it.

Furthermore, if Kingsisle truly didn't believe in this game, they would have gotten rid of it ages ago because they would have seen it as a financial burden. But they don't want this game to be just that. Its time that we as a community play our part and start an outreach into the internet, the world, so as to see our game thrive again.

I know that I will soon be visiting gaming-related subreddits and starting up conversations regarding this game so as to give it the exposure it needs. The question is, is this community willing to go to these lengths and beyond? We can't just sit here and say, "Oh I just hope we get something new this year!" If we're being frank, we won't get anything new at all unless we step up to the plate and start promoting this game ourselves. If we give this game exposure, more people will end up finding it and perhaps playing it. This could result in people purchasing more memberships or buying crowns.

We've sat in our cycle for too long. We've been hoping for too long. Don't stop hoping, but instead of just that, start doing. We've allowed ourselves to become comfortable in our current state, and it has done nothing to help the game.

That is all I have to say. I can only hope that you all take this message to heart and start reaching out all over to promote this game. Its time we start doing.

Feb 12, 2015
Oh, this touches my heart. Such nostalgia!

Apr 26, 2014
I like the enthusiasm!

I really don't think there is much we can do to make a major ripple in the water, at least by ourselves. Really, I think we as a community should try to do something to give our game the love it deserves, and release the potential it has. As I say, to make a positive difference, it is to watch, think, plan, and do. I can safely say that we are in the planning stage to do something positive. For now, I guess we can wait.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
No, this is not the "only" way to save this game. I know players that have tried what you suggest, with very limited success - why limited? Because KI hasn't done any significant updates since 2017.
It is on KI entirely to save this game by providing the content this game needs. I do feel, though, that we will be getting that content soon.
So, if you are going to boost P101 on social media, mention that aspect of this situation, things are looking up!