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The new world release date(Probably).

Petty Officer
Mar 15, 2013
I know a lot of people are wondering when the new world is coming out, some in game and I've seen a few here. On story threads, anyways I am guessing it will come out in about april or may.(maybe even june very unlikely but maybe) I know we might have a long long wait but I am sure it will be worth it. I get those months from Aquila and marleybone by the way . I thought it would be in early January or near the summer or maybe in the middle. There isn't any talk of the new update by Ki which means it is still somewhat in development. So I do indeed think it most likely wont be released until may or april. Maybe a bit after... but the world is on the way but I rather the new world be non buggy and playable when its released. Instead of it being full of bugs and maybe a un passable quest I mean it would be worse knowing the new world there is but you cant continue with it. or it could be in the next month

Nov 03, 2012
I am looking at this as if I was in the marketing team at KI. You want to release the new world when everyone will know it's there. They will probably release when there is a school vaction so all the players in school will be able to test it out. Try to think of when the best time to release it will be. Either they are making finak touches on the world now or they are just waiting for the right time to release it.