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The most anticipated update in Pirate101

Petty Officer
Jul 18, 2012
I feel that the release of Book 15 is the most anticipated update because it will contain new storyline quests. There have not been new storyline quests for some time (April 2013 I think, correct me if I'm wrong) and some pirates who have finished the storyline quests must be getting bored. I even remember someone who did every quest (including side quests and promotion quests) promoted all her/his companions, trained his pet and still got bored. I think Book 15, 16, 17 and maybe 18 should be released together due to the long wait. That's just my opinion though. I cant wait to see what you guys think is the most anticipated update!

-Stormy Oliver Zabra Level 59

Gunner's Mate
Feb 05, 2015
Don't push it with 4 books. Its hard to create them give them credit for when they gave us 2 books.

Mar 24, 2013
This is the update I have been waiting for a main storyline update. Could this be a two part main story line ? Now that would be nice if it's a two part storyline is confirmed.