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The Key to El Dorado Roleplay

Feb 27, 2009
Setting: It's a nice morning with some clouds and the sun is up!
Location: Skull Island; Avery's Court
Avery: You got all the maps! Splendid! Now there's something I didn't tell you before Captain but there's apparently a key to unlock all the gold in the world! This key is hidden somewhere in the Spiral right down at Wizard City. I need you to set sail there at once Captain.
You: Yes! I'm gonna see my brother Joshua Wildhammer! :D Also my brother's pet; Charlie the Starfish. He's so CUTE!
Avery: Well you must be going. Bye.
You: *walks out into Avery's Court Look at all those Pirates talking today. I guess Avery got a bunch of Pirates today. Well I'm going to my ship. The Royal Navy but there's apparently a tournament today at the Brawling Hall.
If you picked the Tournament
You: Well let's go that tournament. I guess I gotta get my crew first though. Hmm ... I love Catbeard because he's so fluffy and cute. He also gives great food and he's a very epic fighter! Catbeard?
Catbeard: What? I want to go to Wizard City.
You: We're sailing off tomorrow. I just want a break from adventuring.
Catbeard: Oh; alright. I guess we can go that tournament!
Quentin Atherton: Hi Jacob Freeman. I think our rivalry is over by now; eh?
Jacob Freeman: Yep! I sure had some fun with that rivalry.
Quentin Atherton: I did to. No more spaces and the tournament is full! Let the tournament commence! Also Jacob; you're fighting Griffin later.
*A few fights later
Griffin: I'll fight you with my swords!
You: Oh yea Griffin. I'm just as good at gun fighting as you are Atherton. And have you heard of this phrase?
Griffin: Which one? There's a load of them!
You: This one. Never bring a sword to a gun fight!
Griffin: *runs AH! *runs out the door
Quentin Ahterton: YOU WIN!
You: :D
The next day ... Now here's the sailing to Wizard City part.
You: *After making some food to prepare for the trip; you're ready to sail to Wizard City! *You also been to Wizard City before Okay. LET'S SAIL! *A few days later of sailing We're here!
Catbeard: We're in the Olde Town Docks.
You: We gotta go the way we want last time; through the sewers! *You go through the waterfall and you enter the sewers. You feel all icky while getting through and you finally find the ladder that you hotta go up. Once you got to the top you see Merle Ambrose like from last time. Now I'll be ending it here. Don't make the story go your own way because I'm making the story but your decisions are based on what you do. So there will be different parts of the story as we go and if it links off and never comes back to where it would be if you went the normal way; I'll put the link in the description to that part of the story.
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