The Griffin and Richard Show

Sep 10, 2009
Griffin: Hello everybody its me griffin

Richard: And me Richard

Griffin: We are here to announce to you that we will be hosting the brand new Griffin and Richard Show!

Richard: each episode we will feature a well known ( or not so well known) member of the Pirate101 community

Griffin: We will ask them some questions and have some other ... shenanigans

Richard: the interview and other information of the show will be posted here

Griffin: Or you can watch us live at the new Club Griffin!

Richard: meet us outside of the male bunkhouse in Avery's court on the vadima realm every Saturday 3:00 central if you wish to attend.

Griffin: we would like to have x drum roll x The Highlander Fox of Avalon ( aka Sneaky Emma ) as our first guest

Richard: Emma if this time and date ( next Saturday March 22 3:00 pm central time ) works reply to us

Griffin: If anyone has any questions please ask us on this thread

Romba: don't forget the show will feature the musical styling of DJ Romba!

Richard: er yes ok Romba remember we may ask some audience members to participate in the show

all: we look forward to seeing you there!

# G&Rshow #DJ Romba