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The Gaming Scallywag's clan

Oct 15, 2012
Hey guy's i am starting a clan since everyone has been making one this clan is called the gaming scallywag's
basically this clan is suited for the people who are gamers and people who love the game so basically its geared towards everyone in the message boards
Tribal quarter's:My house or cutthroat island on ratbeard realm
The Capiefeder(a mixture of a captain and a chief and a leader):silver joseph vane
Rule 1:Be mature i will not take any immaturity
Rule 2:Be fine with fellow clan member's opinion's even if you dissagree
Rule 3:You can help fellow clan member's
Rule 4:Be Random
Rule 5:Only pirates leveled up around lv.13 can pvp
Things the clan will do:Hunt Down Animal enemies(Like batacuda,Flying fish,buffaloon,etc),for survival points(i will explain what those are later),participate in my videos,make ideas,have parties,help other clan members,and pvp on occasions.