The game needs more housing items

Sep 29, 2010
For awhile I haven't really cared about how my house looks in the game because I almost never go there except to send items between players. But my inner interior designer has come out again and wants to decorate my house. One thing I do like more about W101, is the fact it has literally THOUSANDS of housing items in many different varieties. P101 has only a couple hundred and for some reason, I never see housing items in the bazaar, even though housing items can be sold there. Please KI, add more furniture items and allow furniture to be bought at the bazaar. Maybe even add some crafting to the game, I know there are allot of players out there who would enjoy being able to craft special items and furniture. Crafting was my thing back in W101 and I would really like to continue that trait here.

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~