The Fiery Clan. (Looking for members!)

Cute Stuff Commoner
Jun 05, 2011
The Fiery Clan is a clan held by Fiery Luke. If you want to join just ask. Describe what class you are and what level. If you join you will learn the hideout.

Dreamy Dreamer
Oct 15, 2012
Ok i will join just keep it a secret from one eyed jack
silver joseph vane(swashbuckler) lv.37
my new musketter for my lp(yet to be created)lv.0

Honey Buncher
Apr 26, 2009
Dead-eye Luke level 65sign me up or you will pay

Nov 21, 2010
i'm quiet Edward devearux witchdoctor lvl 60 firstmate duck holliday duck hero

Puppy Lover
Dec 12, 2011
Sure, why not. I have four pirates, all named Bloody Belle (Swashbuckler lvl 52), (Privateer lvl 47), (Witchdoctor lvl 18), (Musketeer lvl 21)

Where can we find you so that we can join? What world/ realm are y'all in?

Be Mine Beginner
Sep 02, 2012
Chase Level 23 What Place and realm do ye stick around?


Honey Buncher
Dec 21, 2009
I'll only be saying my main name, Noah.
Tell me what it's about and I'll tell you the rest, also don't forget to say where the meeting place is.

Forever Friend
Feb 29, 2012
Meh, why not? I'm back in the Skyways- and I'm bored as heck! Stupid limits on time so I can't finish soloing Fort Elena....

I'm Sneaky Emma, Level 31 Musketeer, Insincere Savannah, Level 6 Swashbuckler, Ruthless Keira Moone, Level 1 Witchdoctor (she's a work in progress), Amy Laverne, Level 1 Buccaneer, Sneaky Emma Everhart, Level 3 Swashbuckler, and I have a male pirate I can't remember the name of... But part of it is Timothy De Bouff, a level 3 Privateer.

Yea, I'm most likely to be seen on Sneaky Emma. Can't miss her- she's got weapons all over her jacket, a feathered Stetson, Bonnie Anne as her first mate at all times, and has a sniper rifle or an Armada sniper rifle over her back.


Cute Stuff Commoner
Jun 05, 2011
Ok guys! If you can meet at Cooper's Roost in front of the sheriff's office that would be ideal. Meet on the realm Catbeard at 9:00 AM PST on 7/9/13! Meet Fiery Luke there. Ask to be in the clan once you get there.

Fiery Luke Lvl 59 Swashbuckler

Be Mine Beginner
Dec 28, 2012
Have 4 max levels mostly on Strong Jason Jenkins level 65 what realm you mostly on?

Be Mine Beginner
Nov 20, 2012
I am Fearless Melissa Evans, Level 11 Swashbuckler, working on defeating Gortez. I'll be in Monquista before you know it!

Oct 11, 2012
he name's Impish Omar Underwood, level 62 Witchdoctor, and willing to join in on the fun. but if your unwilling to do so, no hard feelings.