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The double chest has been double unlocked!

Dec 11, 2010
Remember that dual lock chest that we saw in the first Completely Barmy Leak?
Well apparently it is called "Group Plunder"

Also some more stuff from the same reveal

Doubloons: Treasure cards of Pirate101?
New Housing quest: :O finally
New Housing Previews: O.O please let there be the famous tour giver from wizard101
Mark and Recall: Ahhh fancy name for the famous teleporter mark from wizard101 :P
Stitchable Eyepatches accessory slot: Yay (Also new Eye patched revealed? It is called the Dragon King's Patch and gives +6 weapon power, +9 accuracy, and +9 dodge)
Improved Power and Talent descriptions: Alright
Bug fixes: :D that is something we can all smile about
Weapon Upgrade Notifications: ok
Expanded Quest sharing: Wait what?? O.O quest sharing?
New class companions: Pretty sure this is the Level 4 companions but who knows, maybe more will be out?
art and sound polish: :D
Skull Island expansion: It was talking about the temple of fire and new quests (Plus more free to play zones) wow my younger pirates will have a blast with the new companions with the new areas XD

and besides a few others (visuals mostly) are waiting for us :O
Wow that spoiler sneak peek left me even more excited for the update XD

With all this info being thrown into our faces without them revealing to much, it makes me feel like I am out in an underwater treasure infested area, but with the treasure out of reach XD

Also a new area has been revealed which is inside what looks to be a ship called the "Maria Celestia" along with a 3 person crew of a skeleton, a ghost, and an undead pirate