The Dark Dodger

Oct 20, 2012
I wanted my Swashbuckler to have a bit deeper back story then parents death an who raised him. So I gave my pirate a name he could live up to. Here's the story...

Just as Cool Ranch has the legend of El Toro! "Music plays", Mooshu got it's very own hero that goes by the name 深孱! (That translates to "Dark Dodger" in simplified Chinese). A young boy from Mooshu by the name of Michael was trained by his father in the ways of shadow swashbuckling. Well known used tacit by ninja pigs them selves this style of Swashbuckling relies totally on the spells walk in shadows, darkness and black fog. When his father set sail in the skies to rebel against general tso he left Michael in charge of defending the village of Hammemistsu for the father knew it was going to be a dangerous trip an might not make it back. For the first few days all seemed quiet until an Armada ship dropped anchor at the village an started to enforce there rules on there land. Michael knew he had to take action. Sadly not knowing what he was up against the Dark Dodger was captured an brought back to there ship where they charged him with assault on armada forces. Even worse he got news from an overheard conversation on board about a ship that was in chaos while sailing to Hammemistsu that seemed to be his father's...It was a mutiny! With the help of too pirates Michael escapes the armada ship an now spends his life living in Skull Island by the name "Dark Michael Dodger" who is trained in a more modern swashbuckling style taught by Morgan Lafitte.

(Dark Michael Dodger Level 43 )

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Good writing there. You should try to develop it into a fan fiction story. A lot of nice details in here.