The clockwork factory

Jun 28, 2013
Hello, I thought. Clockworks are mean, cruel and utterly annoying, but I still think there pretty cool. So I then came up with this idea. Fill out my questions, and then join in an armada RPG.

Read this for backstory and character creation:

You wake up in a factory, with loads of people just like you being made. You are curious, you already know lots of things. You look around, and scream. You are just a robotic head. Then, a clockwork comes up and says "You! You are somehow programmed better than most clockworks. Perhaps better than Kane. As a reward you will choose how you are made:


Sprite(Marine,marksmen,battle angel or dragoon):

Anything else you want to add(optional):

I choose:

Name: Millitus Presidos

Sprite: Marine

Anything else you want to add: None

Your turn. Make a clockwork, and I'll see you ib this RGP.

Petty Officer
May 30, 2013
Ohh! Cool! I always secretly thought the Armada was kinda, intelligent. But don't tell anyone!

Name: Uhh, I'll go to Valencia, find an Armada name I really like, and post it here

Sprite: Battle Angel Commander; if that's a thing

Anything else: I know battle angels are technically musketeers, but I'm a Swashbuckler, who has a back up gun.

Merciless Emma Jenkins Lvl 46 Swash.