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The classes of Phule and the mysterious queen

Dec 10, 2013
We'll this is my second post and wat I think I that Phule will not be any of the classes but a wizard yes that sounds stupid but just keep reading plz alright how would you fight him we'll it's not gonna be like w101 (which I can't play because I'm a Christian) you fight him normally then it cutscenes and rat beard shoots him with a canon. Queen will I think be a swashbuckler when you go somewhere idk and she draws two fencing swords like a battle angel and you fight. Not much else to say rooke is a Deacon I thought at first to be a But is a And bishop is aBut that leaves the Who's the Well I think Kane is the I know that completely contradicts my other post but I think healing and making stronger will be his main thing I'll talk more about that in my other post wow that was alot

Petty Officer
Jul 25, 2013
we will encounter the queen and kane eventually, so the queen is most likely going to be a swashbuckler, while kane might be a priv, a musk, or a swash