The Beginning .....

Jan 18, 2011
We all know that when we first started out as pirates its because we were freed by other pirates from the armada because of a crime we done. My curiosity is what was on your pirate's mind that day the moment he/she tasted freedom? I know everyone likes being a pirate but maybe they might have thoughts earlier as to why become a pirate or what they wanted besides piracy (take for example if your an orphan because your parents were killed by pirates and you never wanted to be put up as one).

My thoughts that my Character Rashida (black rose) had that day was "Crinky, I just hope I can get home to marleybone again and Wing Chun gets home to Mooshu". You see, my Pirate came from Marleybone and was a musketeer like a ton of people were. I bet most of you guys out there who isn't a citizen of Skull island was thinking that they wanna go home so badly first before fully accepting your new piracy life.