The Bazaar doesn't pay the most...

Sep 29, 2010
I noticed this after selling all the items I received from the ship boss Captain Brocks. I had thought I sold all items that could be auctioned at the Bazaar, and decided to head to the outlaw's outfitter across from the way to sell all the no auction items that were really of no use to me. I noticed I forgot sell one robe that could be sold at the Bazaar, it was called the "Street Urchin's Garb". I could remember I sold two other "Street Urchin's Garb"s at the Bazaar and only got about 265 gold each but I could see I would get 505 gold for it at the normal clothing shop. I thought the Bazaar was supposed to pay the highest amount NO MATTER WHAT. KI, please look into this.

~Faithful Wolf Freeman~ Level 65 Privateer, Vice Admiral.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
No longer true. In one of the updates it says that they changed it so that if the bazaar has more than 100 of and item you will get a better price from a vendor. My only problem with this is, when you are in the sell mode, there is No way to tell how many of that item the bazaar has. Having to go back and forth from your backpack mode, identify an item, Then to have to find it in the bazaar and see how many he has, for each item would take forever and be extremely confusing. Please KI It's not that I mind the using supply and demand, just Please make it easier for us to be able to tell when we should go elsewhere to sell.