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The Assault on Skull Island [Kane's Final Move]

Gunner's Mate
Feb 26, 2013
Just my predictions for the permanent Decomission of Grand Admiral of the Armada, Kane. I'll let y'all decipher what's going on piece by piece. Enjoy!

Owen and his crew panted as the massive army of Armada re-enforcements swarmed towards the Island in masses. Avery was absolutely freaking out and he immediately whispered something in his trusty bird's ear. The bird squawked and flew out of the Office, it's loud squawking filling the normally bustling court with a noise of despair. As if on cue, all five of the class trainers emerged from their holds. It took several more squawks to get the near-deaf Commodore out. Fish Eye came running from his roost, and Morgan dashed out of the hall, swords at the ready. Mordekai yelled out a battle cry as he kicked open the door to his den, massive sword in hand.
"WHO DARES ATTACK MY ISLAND?!" The hammerhead yelled out.
Vadima was the last to emerge and surprisingly, she was not alone. A massive drake wormed it's way through the cave entrance, mounted by ghosts and skeletons alike. Commodore launched into action, organizing the massive army of Owen's crew and his friends' crews. Mordekai stood next to Rachel, making sure her Grizzleheim armor was on tight, then adjusting his own armor.
"Are you ready, young warrior? I hope you are, or we will all be DECIMATED." He growled at her.
For once, Morgan was grim as she stood by Max. The raccoon flashed the young captain a fake smile.
"Do not worry, mon pirate frer; I'm sure everything will be fine.
Ol' Fish Eye grumbled. "Blasted clockworks drew me out of my nap.." He turned to Malcolm. "Well, I had been saving some special powder, the rarest known, for the right time. It had been sitting in that roost for lord knows how long, but I suppose this is that time. So.. I'm giving it to you. You've proven yourself. Now, you'd better not lose any of the stuff. It's more explosive than Naptha.."
Vadima was too busy consulting her trusted crystal ball to do anything other than give Kiley an extremely powerful magic potion. Kiley sniffed it and immediately regretted it. 'Eugh.. figures.'
Commodore simply patted Owen on the shoulder.
"This is it, lad. I hope you're ready for this battle.. will you be able to lead your troops to victory? Of course you will! If anything I taught you had sunk into that thick skull of yours, you'll doubtlessly be the best commander in history!" Owen smirked and was about to open his mouth when a giant explosion rattled the island and a soot-covered Pete came rushing up the steps.
"They're here.. the Frogfather's friends only held 'em off so long.." Pete decided to take a nap in the most unconvenient of places at the most unconvenient of times. Avery walked out of his office, ready for a battle to protect his beloved island.
"Are you ready Pirates?" A cold, smooth voice sounded as Kane himself walked up the steps, surrounded by Armada troops.
"You have taken my bretheren from me.. now I will wipe out all of you."

-Darn, character limit.-