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The Adventures of Silver Sergio Silver Return!

May 03, 2010
After a magical adventure to the land of 'college education', I am finally able to resume the magic adventure that was my pirate101 nuzlocke!

To those of you unfamiliar (probably next to everyone who reads this thread) with me and this play style, a nuzlocke is a game style created for playing a challenging mode of a pokemon game- all founded on one idea. When a Pokemon hits zero hit points, it is gone, never to return. I wondered what would happen if I did the same thing with pirate101- when a companion falls in glorious combat, I bury him in tasks and/or as a furniture decoration in my humble abode.

There are a few rules, and they are as follows.
1) If any companion reaches zero hit points in battle, they are never to enter battle again (unless you want to get a promotion quest out of your quest log, then just over-level it and then move it away).
2) Hydra battle doesn't count. If you die during the Hydra battle, then try again. That battle's madness, I'm not insane. I can barely beat that and I can solo (most) the tower of Moo Manchu. HOW'S THAT A THING? I don't know, but Hydra doesn't count.
3) There is to be no assistance at ANY time- save multi-locked chests and the aforementioned Hydra.
4) Class is optional- pick whichever class you feel you'll succeed the most with. I'm a spellcaster all day, and so witchdoctor it was.
5) No character purchases in the crown shop- I get plenty of companions just through playing, and people with wallets large enough to make it rain crowns shouldn't have that unfair advantage in this playstyle.
6) No taking items from your shared bank- everything on this character comes from this character, and this character only.
7) Not all sidequests HAVE to be completed- but nothing's stopping you from giving them a try.
8) If you loose companions before they reach level 8, start over. All those companions are crucial to succeeding later, and it won't take that long to catch them up. This rule had been created before companion furniture was a thing- so it's the loosest of the rules.
9) You loose the nuzlocke when you are forced to put your last companion on task- you always need a first mate.

Now, the reason that this thread is about a characters return is because the reason I stopped playing was because I got too busy to continue playing as much as I was- so I had to stop. The subscription ran out before I could dramatically stand on my thread and scream to the world that I shall one day return like a storm and then mentioning that everyone will get wet (theatre references, ho!) and so my thread magically vanished into shadow... in my next post, I will give an in depth update on where my character is and what companions he's lost- and how he lost them! I'm running out of characters here, so, either way- enjoy the adventures of Silver Sergio Silver, and- if you choose- make your own nuzlocke adventures, and tell me of your suffering! I do love a good story.

Petty Officer
Jan 31, 2013
Best of luck to you for your Nuzlocke, I'm a fan of that and have run a few of my own pokemon Nuzlockes. So I know the pains of such an intense adventure. I'm curious. If you lose a companion who has fixed dialogue what do you do about that?

May 03, 2010
So, my adventures so far.

I lost my first companion-- Carcarius Grimtooth-- fighting Oingo Boingo on the top of Waponi Wu. Accursed Super Hits!
Next, and the only preventable death so far, I lost Kan Po fighting the monstrous Mojo Jojo. He was targeted, and I chose an attack over a heal: my dear starting companion didn't stand a chance as the undead monkey's relentlessly overwhelmed him.
I lost Ol' Scratch next- while saving Nurse Quinn from the ghost bison. He was overwhelmed, and recieved three crits in a row-- he didn't stand a chance.
I proceeded further, having one VERY close call to losing Milo Graytail-- but I prevailed... for a little.
While hunting Bumbaloons for Brother Wolf, my Scorpion was crushed under the enormous weight of a herd of bumbaloons.
And then another sorrowful loss... when ambushed by Deacon in the Motherlode Mine, El Toro was cut off from his allies, and surrounded. His bravado was the death of him. I barely managed to save Bonnie (who had 12 hit points remaining at the end of the battle) and Bat Masterson, who barely had 200. But I did it- seizing a piece of the map and making my way to Mooshu, where I'm currently working to defeat General Tso.

Crazy Cody

May 03, 2010
And @Captain Rosethorn: when I lose a companion who has speech (such as when I lost the glory of Kan Po and the much less glorious Old Scratch) I put them on task, and when they speak, I just pretend their spirit has come back from the fallen graves to tell a joke or assist me in some way. Mostly I just retcon the them still interacting with me.