Thank You KI!

Dec 24, 2009
To the esteemed developers and staff(that includes you Joe the Janitor):
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you've done. For buccaneers, musketeers, privateers, swashbuckler, and witchdoctors, for starting P101, for MB and AQ, for Tower of Moo Manchu and Smuggler's Arena, for all the new pets and mounts, and everything else(hydra included). I've been here since nearly the beginning(unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on a Beta Key) and I've enjoyed it since I started. I know you all have been working very hard on this project and I understand things can take a while or go wrong. I'll support you guys the whole time. I'll never leave unless the game falls through and we all have to leave.

I know, I started to lose faith, but then I realized that if you were making pets and mount, then this game is not lost. My subscription will continue per normal and I'm super excited for the upcoming update. I want to thank you for that update as well. I look forward to everything the future has for this game.

Fearless Dolan Grant lvl65