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swashbuckler gear

Petty Officer
Jul 13, 2013
why is the swashbuckler gear so crappy its just agility and other things I know nobody can change that but still I would like to know

ps: ya I said crappy deal with it

Feb 08, 2012
Bazaar gear typically isn't the absolute best gear for questing, although it certainly does help you pull through. Agility, for Swashbucklers, boost their chances at getting a critical attack, boosts their attack damage, as well as power damage. It is for Swashies what Will is to Privateers and Witchdoctors, or Strength to a Buccaneer. All you're gaining by gear farming is maybe a power card or two; all Swashbuckler gear will still have agility, possibly weapon power, dodge, or even a little armor.