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Summer Vacation in the Spiral

Jul 07, 2013
At an ice cream stand somewhere in the countryside of a New England state yours truly was enjoying an ice cream cone. A large group of people there was enjoying the same talking and laughing with family and friends until a loud sound of a motorcycle broke the tranquility. This motorcycle ran up the street popped a wheelie and pulled into the ice cream stand. The people became quiet. Here was a man who was in no way small covered head to toe in black leather and tattoos. He was formidable from his gothic jewelry to his bald head. Everybody there was curious as to what this guy was going to order. So Hercules walks up to the window and says, "Yeah I'd like a scoop of vanilla in a dish. Oh, and can you put rainbow sprinkles on that?" The place remained quiet as the girl behind the counter said, "sure." He got his ice cream and ate it silently while all of us sat there shocked actually expecting this guy to order rum raison with a side of rum but hey buddy nobody is going to argue with that. Not with him anyway. All the guy wanted was some ice cream.

In conclusion things aren't always what they seem, so in the spirit of simply enjoying life, I once again traveled to some of my favorite spots in the game.

Kaizoku Jima

After doing some serious fighting, ninja style, take a few moments to enjoy the rise of the sun in Mooshu. At the end of the dock there you can see it really well. There is a brilliant cloud formation highlighted with the tranquil hues of pink and purple and kissed with a touch of white. What a lovely scene to start the morning with!

Ravaged Valley

Its sad the Amber Horde has destroyed this valley as the Lake of the Rising Sun is there and is a beautiful place. The cool glow of the blue of the oni and the striking colors of the underwater plants is always a relaxing place. The Dragon King's Hall is beautiful with its jade pillars and golden adornments. By the way our pirates have amazing lung capacity!

Xol Akmul

I love the music here. Its amazing how many corpse flowers there are in the jungles of Skull Island. The place would reek horribly. I actually had the chance to see one of these flowers at a botanical garden. They smell like a rotting corpse hence the name. The smell is at its worse in the evening and flies love these things. The Dino people here are wonderfully detailed and remind me of the Reptites from the Crono Trigger games. Ah, good times.

Arroyo Grande

I know people are hard on Cool Ranch but I like it anyway. It is one of the best worlds in the game because you can really get lost here role-playing a good number of westerns. I also love the music at the Bison Village and the tall cliffs of the Arroyo Grande. One of the cool places there is the crystal cave. The crystals have a really neat sparkling effect and a nice cool glow.

So grab yourself a root beer float in the Silver Spur Saloon and enjoy a good dance with Mary Macaw, she can really dance! See you around the spiral!

Virtuous Dante Ramsey

Petty Officer
Sep 26, 2011
Interesting post, never thought of it like that....