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Spiral timeline out of whack

Jun 26, 2012
As of the last update, the entire spiral timeline has gone out of whack. Pirates meet Aztecans that have fled Azteca during Skull Island. Due to the fact that they mention Morganthe capturing the Lords of Night, the wizards must be in Azteca at that moment. However, this is impossible. It is mentioned in Pirate101 Mooshu that the Emperor is still poisoned. However, if the wizards were in fact in Azteca while the pirates were in Skull Island, this is impossible. It is also mentioned in the Advanced Pets quest that the founder of Aquila visited Wizard City and noticed the wizards training pets there. Under the assumption that Aquila is a few thousand years old, this is impossible as Wizard City was not colonized until Merle Ambrose left Avalon. Just thought I'd point this out.

Sean Firesword

May 30, 2010
Time just works differently in different parts of the Spiral. Maybe those stormgates are like very limited time machines. Or all that magic the Wizards are spending is making things go out of whack everywhere else.

But remember that Morganthe was in Azteca well before the Wizards got there. As to Aquila and Wizard City, let's not forget that what's happening now is not the only thing that's ever happened. Maybe Merle did colonize WC thousands of years ago. Maybe the Aquilan founder founded Aquila then went out and visited WC.

Jun 26, 2012
Though you make valid points, it is impossible that Merle colonized Wizard City before/near when Aquila was founded. In Ghost Avalon, we see Young Morganthr which looks only about 18 years old, and Ghost Avalon took place before Wizard City was founded. When the Wizards fight Morganthe, she seems to be in her 30s or 40s. Though aging works differently in the Spiral (Merle is 700 years old!) It's impossible that Morganthe is older then Aquila. As for Morganthe being ion Azteca way before wizards, she went there at the beginning of Avalon. This makes the entire timeline impossible as the earliest possible time pirates met the aztecans in Skull Island is while wizards are in Avalon, but since the emperor is still sick when pirates reach Mooshu. Maybe I am just overthinking things, lol.

Jun 08, 2009
As for the Morganthe-Azteca point, the wizards had no idea how long she has been working in Azteca, or plotting in general. Also, Morganthe could very well be several hundred years old, and her younger self in Avalon could be about a hundred or so. Wizards may age very differently to humans, and maybe the PC wizard could be 40 with the physical form of a teenager, similar to Manakeetes in Fire Emblem, who could be thousands of years old, and still look like teenagers. To the point of Advanced pets, I think you are missing several parts of the story. Aquilus did not found the world Aquila, but NOVA Aquila, the Capitol of the new Aquilan civilization which seems to be fairly recent, Maybe a few hundred years or so, making it very possible for him to travel to modern WC. And with the emperor still being cursed, I believe that morganthe could have been studying codexes and causing minor problems in Azteca even before the Wizard story started, but they were to busy with Malistare's doings at the time.
F.R. Holystone
Lv 65

Nov 01, 2012
Interesting theories. This thread gave me a headache to read. Keep up the e good work!

Jun 26, 2012
I'm only in Cool Ranch, I'm probably missing a lot of parts of the story on the Pirate101 end.

Jan 17, 2012
My impression was that when you go through the hole into Azteca, you are transported in time, somehow, and that area is, in many ways, completely isolated from the rest of the Island.

So, Mooshu can still be in the state where the Emperor is under a spell.