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Special peeks into the OLD storyline......

Oct 16, 2012
As we all know, a lot of the stuff leading up to our final encounter with Kane was sadly cut out, as KI was pressed for time......3 years had passed since the last world expansion, and they were risking losing the player base if they didn't get another world done. Blind Mew has told us a few things......but there are hints bigger than his already in the the form of a sidequest in Aquila that takes us on a tour to the shrines of the Immortals....where they tell us about the OLD storyline's plot in the form of prophecy. I will try to explain what each one means.

"Wayward traveler, vagabond of the skies, your offering is accepted. Your fate is a great one, to be envied by heroes."---Zeus.------This is self-explanatory. Our fate and destiny is EPIC.

"Rider of storms, fated mariner, your offering pleases me! Remember the Trident - It is the Key!"---Poseidon. 3 points on a Trident.....meaning we need 3 things.

"Crafty wanderer, foe of the Clockwork Golems - I am displeased that you have unmade so many Golems that were so well-wrought. Know this: When Hand, Eye, and Heart are rejoined and work as one, then I shall be appeased."---Hephaestus. These 2 sentences hold a lot of meaning. 3 things (building upon what Poseidon said) are needed to appease Hephaestus, and they need to work as one. A Hand, Eye, and Heart. The Heart is referring to the Golden Heart, while the Hand and Eye remain shrouded in mystery. In the end, these things would come together to create Able.....the 2nd super clockwork that G would build to stop Kane (go read Blind Mew's musings).

"Firebrand, warrior, you who kindles war wherever you walk, you shall always be one of my favorite mortals! I shall say nothing of your Fate - if you fail in your great quest, war will consume the entire Spiral, and I shall revel in the firestorm!"---Ares. Once again, this is pretty much cut-and-dry. Failure isn't an option.....for if we fail, the Spiral will BURN.

"Bargainer with Death, helper of the slain, your offering is accepted. Two spirits shun the Underworld, waiting to speak to thee. You are Fated to find them."---Hades. Hades is talking about our parents, and how we will find them in the future. Where and when? The answer died with the old storyline.

"Daring adventurer, boldest of pirates! Your offering pleases me. Remember the name Desdemona. Your Fate hinges upon her love."---Apollo. One of the few hints to still be around today. Saving Desdemona's fiancé (her true love) means she leads you to the lead them to victory.

"Seeker of secrets, searcher for the mysteries, your offering pleases me. Know this: in the struggle to come, wisdom lies in the Heart, not in the Mind."---Athena. The Heart is the Golden Heart, the Mind is the Golden Mind. She is saying the Golden Heart is wiser and more pure than the Golden Mind, meaning Able would have been kinder, wiser, and SMARTER than Kane in the final showdown...

I hope this helps some of you understand the old storyline!!

Dec 28, 2012
We may have also needed a trident to help someone else in book 16/17. It probably means we need 3 things, though.