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Songs of the Skyway

Mar 09, 2011
Highlander Fox of ... on Oct 26, 2013 wrote:
I don't think you know what I mean by look down on... Being bullied for my tastes in music, books, and everything is not fun.

Adding a few new songs to my playlist.

1. Luminous by ClariS.
2. Decretum/Conturbatio (Madoka Soundtrack)
3. Multiple Korn/Disturbed/Metallica/Motley Crüe songs. (Yea, metal is freaking cool!)
4. Any song by ABBA. (So what about classic pop music? I like me some 70's/80's/90's music!)
5. Time Warp by the Rocky Horror Picture Show (the best song to dance to ever.)

The former two are both Japanese and from the same anime, but 2 is classical and definitely a sad melody. The fact that violins are one of the prior instruments playing during it makes it super sad... (You'd only get it if you watched the anime.)

You like metal too, huh? I usually only listen to it when I'm upset about something, but I do like that genre all the same. The mood of the music gets to me, though, so I listen to it in moderation. Well hey, if you like metal, I think you'll like this:

Refuse/Resist, by Apocalyptica

My favorite classical instrument to listen to is oftentimes a large stringed one, such as the base viol or the violincello. Apocalyptica incorporates classical instruments such as these, and uses them in rock songs. If you like metal, I think you'll like that song in particular. I hope you enjoy it!