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So.. what do Pirates do in their downtime?

Nov 01, 2013
Helpful Aurora Parker, Swashbuckler: Aurora loves training in her house, Rake's Lagoon (Swashbuckler), and going on adventures with her friends. What's her latest adventure, you may wonder? She always has an adventure. Aurora's personality is humorous and sometimes sarcastic, but in a more fun and friendly (and did I mention funny?) way. When she quests, she brings her own story-line with her. Also, one of her most favorite things to do, is role playing with friends. That is most definitely one of her favorite things.

Aurora also believes that anything can happen, so she actually climbed up The Tower of Moo Manchu once, thinking that she can get to a world beyond the portal. She, as her Swashbuckler daredevil self, is definitely a daredevil. She almost never goes by "Aura", but she does like to go by "Aro". The scariest, darkest, and creepiest enemies never bother or scare her at all; in fact, they just make her want to fight them even more! So yes, I guess I would have to say that one of Aurora's hobbies is fighting cool and not-so-cool enemies, and just trying to restore peace and justice to the Spiral.

- The Dashing Swashbuckler, a.k.a. Helpful Aurora Parker, Level 36 The Magnificent Seventh

Aug 22, 2011
Zoe Bellamy spends way too much time with her crew, basically! She likes getting mini philosophy lessons from Kan Po, except when El Toro tries to butt in and teach her HIS philosophy instead! She sometimes practices shooting with Bonnie Anne. Ratbeard and Lucky Jack have tried to teach her how to use a sword, but she's hopeless! ("Why do I need a sword when I could just cast a SPELL at them?" she says, and Lucky Jack just facepalms!) And of course she holds mini competitions with Old Scratch and Mormo to see who can cast the coolest spells. They all like to hang out in tavern cellars and talk about all the cool times they've had together. Plus, they like to have little dance parties in the Gallo Loco Cantina in Santo Pollo to the lovely guitar music of the Famous Dos Amigos y Uno!

Dec 30, 2012
Well even though I have multiple pirates I mainly only use one now so I guess I'll just tell you about him. Firery Wesley Ashford spends what free time he has reading books, studying topics like the Polarian War, composing and playing music, writing his own novels mainly about his adventures, training, cooking ( yes he enjoys cooking), fixing and altering weapons and gear, and sometimes even watching plays and concerts. ( I assume there's theater in the Spiral) Sometimes in the heat of Summer he even enjoys relaxing by lying in a hammock in the shade of two palm trees near a pond.